Menù Restaurant 2024

The catering service operates at the following times:

Lunch:  from 12.30 to 14.30  Dinner:  from 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm


Mirasole appetizer
Seafood tastings by the chef
Catalan-style lobster
Catalan-style lobster
Octopus with artichokes
Roasted octopus with artichokes in two consistencies, Apulian burrata sauce
Duck breast
Duck breast with orange and field salad

First dishes

Squid ink dumpling
Squid ink potato dumpling, clams, kumquats, bran pepper, parsley powder
Sea urchin tuna
Tonnarello of sea urchins, wild garlic, beurre blanc and lemon elixir                     
Fusillone with calamari
Fusillone Avellinese with calamari, prawns, bottarga, pecorino sauce and tarallo crumble
Carbonara ravioli
Carbonara ravioli, with cheese and pepper sauce, bacon powder

Second Courses

Scalded croaker
Seared CBT croaker, glazed with citrus teriyaki reduction with steamed asparagus and créme fraìche
Gulf grill
Grilled catch of the day
Crispy cod
Crispy cod with corn flakes, chickpea hummù, rosemary oil
Grilled entrecote
Grilled entrecòte with brown sauce reduction and potato ingot

Side Dishes

Outlines of the day €6


Desserts and seasonal fruit €6

The cover charge is 1€/person.