A la carte restaurant menu

The catering service operates at the following times:

Launch:  from 12.30 to 14.30  Dinner:  from 7.30pm to 10.00pm


Mirasole appetizer
Seafood tastings by the chef
Seared octopus
Seared octopus on saffron and lime potato cream, black olive soil and parsley oil
Salmon Teriyaki
Salmon teriyaki with mojito jelly, salmon roe and its tartare, crème fraîche with ginger and mint ice cream
Seared tuna
Seared tuna with scapece courgette jelly and seasonal vegetables
Seared scallop
Seared scallop with smoked pepper cream, cheese and pepper sauce and caviar
Duck breast
CBT duck breast with orange, soy sauce and mixed salad

Primi Piatti

Shellfish tube
Raw and cooked shellfish tubettone
Linguine with clams
Linguine with clams, friggitelli in two consistencies, bottarga and seaweed powder                   
Squid ink dumpling
Gnocco with cuttlefish ink, squid, basil and pecorino
Tagliolini with garlic, oil and sea urchins
Tagliolini with garlic, oil and sea urchins, with parsley sauce
Red turnip risotto (minimum two portions)
Red turnip risotto, raw and cooked squid, and buffalo buttermilk
Spaghettone with three tomatoes
Spaghettone with three tomatoes in four consistencies and basil air

Secondi Piatti

Mirasole grill
Mixed grill of crustaceans, molluscs and freshly caught fish
Cod with seaweed
Cod with citrus seaweed, Mediterranean sauce and its cream with Gaetana-style escarole
Amberjack CBT in stew
CBT amberjack in clam stew, soy mayo and wasabi with vegetable caponata
Croaker beurre blanc
Ombrina beurre blanc and mint with dried fruit and sautéed chard
Glazed entrecôte
Entrecôte glazed with brown base, potato ingot and red wine reduction

Side Dishes

Outlines of the day €6


Desserts and seasonal fruit €6

The cost of cover it is €1/person.

We inform our customers that the dishes prepared and served in this establishment and the drinks may contain ingredients or adjuvants considered allergens.

For further information, please contact our staff.

Tradition, innovation and paths
seasonality by the Chef

Traditional route (3 courses)
Starter, first and second course
Traditional route (5 courses)
Innovation and taste, raw materials
Tradition and seasonality

For complete table
Wines and drinks excluded